earlier joking aside...

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earlier joking aside...

So my earlier joking (Ok, wishful thinking) post aside about labor today. Holy Smokes! Since like 2:30 I feel horrible pain/pressure on my va-jay-jay! It's constant too, won't go away. Standing, sitting, laying, nothing seems to make it feel better. And my back is achy.

And of course it would start happening this late when my OB's office closes shortly and there's a sever storm warning moving in (that wasn't there this AM) with high winds and penny sized hail...

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Ugh. I am right there with you. About 2:30PM or so I started feeling that pain and pressure too. I think it's just cause the baby is low already.

Hope everything fades with the storm. We had some hail here the other day - first in a long time. Keep us updated!!