Easter Sunday Pic...

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Easter Sunday Pic...

I know some of you have been chickening out on posting belly pics LOL but I love seeing all the bellies so I figured if I lead by example, others will share too Wink

So here is a pic of me and my girls.... DD#1 is def taller than me at 16 and DD#2 will be a petite thing at 4... we are heading out to church. In this pic, I am 19 weeks, 3 days.

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Wow! Your daughter really is tall! This is a very nice picture of you all!

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Wow - your daughter is tall, slender, and gorgeous! Very nice picture!!

I have a picture of my girls from Easter, but I'm not in it... I think I've managed to stay out of every picture since I got pregnant, except when we were in Wisconsin Dells, but those pics are going NO WHERE near these boards... no one needs to see me in a swimsuit... ROFL

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Beautiful picture!! You look great!!! Pretty girls!