Emotional Mess -VENT

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Emotional Mess -VENT

OMG yesterday I think I finally lost it. I turned into a crying mess most of the day, for no good reason. I barely slept all night because of pain in my hips...unfortunately this is becoming a nightly thing. 2-3 hours and they hurt so bad I can't sleep. I'll move to the couch and might get 1-2 more before I have to get up just to move and see if it helps.

Then DS wanted to play outside, so DH and I took him out. Dh is up and running with him, and I'm stuck in the lawn chair watching because of hip pain and the pinched nerve and I lost it. I just started crying for no good reason. of course once I started I couldn't stop. I kept thinking about how this could have been our last weekend just the 3 of us; then about how I feel like such a bum because I'm so limited on what I can do. My doc basically has me on all but bedrest because of the nerve in my leg. I can barely walk, it gives out after mere minutes, so getting anything accomplished has been minimal.

DH has been great in helping when he's home, does all the dishes, helps a bunch with cooking and cleaning; and he does it without complaining. But I still feel bad that I sit/lay on the couch just watching. Although he brings me the clothes and I'll fold them while sitting, so I do a little, but it just feels like it's not enough.

I'm so close to being done, and I know it could be any day, but it still doesn't seem close enough. I've got another appt tomorrow and I'm really hoping for good news. I'll be 38wks 4days then and I'm just ready to give up. I want him to come naturally ASAP, but between the constant pain and not being able to do stuff I'm so close to asking my doc to set the end date so I have something to look forward to.

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Oh, Rachel, hang in there, girl! I totally know the feeling of not being able to help with the cleaning, etc... I've been having a hard time, too, and I'm not even as far as you are!! The end is in sight - pretty soon all of this pain will be behind you and you will be holding your gorgeous new little baby boy!!

As for your nerve issues - I know it's late in the game, but have you considered seeing a chiropractor to see if that would help?? I started seeing a prenatal chiropractor a few months ago and from the beginning it was a HUGE help with my pain! It might be worth a shot - it might make your last few days (or weeks?) better and more manageable! Just an idea...

And if you ever want to vent - you have my number! Wink

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End of pregnancy can be so hard. Getting so close to baby being here.
I'm so sorry about the hip pain Sad I can't imagine. I hope you get some good sleep soon.

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((HUGS)) I agree w/ the OPs...end of pregancy is HARD emotional, physical...stressful...
I hope you get some pain relief soon! Prayers for a great apt. Hang in there...

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I am right there with you! I have been an emotional wreck. It hurts for me to walk with the baby's position most of the time and it's been so hot and to top it off the air conditioning in my car went out!

I just keep telling myself over and over it will be over soon. I've considered begging for an earlier c-section because I'm so done with being preggers but then I take a deep breath and remember he needs to bake as long as possible.

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Oh I am with you - but I don't have any "pain" to justify my crazyness!!! But I won't hijack your thread with my woes. Sad
Feel better. Enjoy it as much as you can... sometimes it feels better to have those moments and cry and then you can move on a little more?!

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I'm totally starting with the emotional stress... I've had major "freak outs" the last little while! Can I blame it all on hormones?! :huh: