In the ER...lots of apts. Baby OK.

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In the ER...lots of apts. Baby OK.

Well, sorry I haven't been posting...I wanted to try to be involved more
I can't pee...we spent 9 hours food/ was horrible. They Dr. was horrible and so was the nurse...they were unsanitary!!! Seriously. I don't know if I want to complain or not...but they couldn't find my cervix, told me I was huge...They checked me...he was digging around (my OB can find my cervix in 2 seconds) this guy was HURTING me...DIGGING for it...I had to stop him...I was in so much pain?! He said he didn't know where it was....OK?! The nurse comes in asks me to pee in a cup...I tell her that I can't pee, that is why I am here. She asks "are you sure?" Sooo, she sticks on gloves checks me...then gets the cath ready...and was reaching over all the sterile packs and touching parts she shouldn't...THEN when she is done...she spilled the iodine on the FOOD table...and wipes it w/ a paper towel....that's it. She then (still w/ my chichi gloves on) touches all the nobs and door handles getting more stuff out...then grabs the alcohol wipes and wipes one other surface. Don't they make them use special cleaner?! I was a vet tech and we are more sanitary for a DOG NEUTER! We had to use special spray that killed certain things!
I should of spoke up...but I was feeling so sick...and I didn't want to be a PITA.
She also touched the light...Then the dr. did the same crap. sigh... After that, she comes back in...with bare hands, and touches the cabinet doors (that she had been touching w/ the chichi gloves)....Got stuff for another another room...I felt so bad!!! Thankfully, I have no diseases, but it got me thinking...what if someone before me had something? Can you catch stuff like that????!!!
Anyway...Then I was asked if I wanted another cath before I went home...I still couldn't the choice is obvious! I asked how I was going to pee through the night and the next day before my other dr. apt. follow up. I begged for a Foley cath...which I got...and got to pee through the night...(those SUCK and hurt BTW!)
The nurse that took my blood was clean and that didn't hurt! and the USer said she never gets to US babies...Why should she be doing my US? She said she had no idea where the cervix was...? but she was uber nice.
anyway...the did cultures came back w/ beta strep...(Which I know...) My son almost died from it...and I have to be on antibiotics at each delivery.
---I went to my OB got the cath out...and told her about all this...she stuck me on macrobid...
She said they gave her the run around when she tried to get my!?
Then the next day, I couldn't pee again and had to go back...the ER had called and wanted me to take Keflex? I told her I was already taking Macrobid...she said, guess you will take even more! 1500 mg a day of the macro...for the beta strep...I told them I refuse to take anything w/out my OB Oking it...The ER woman said...That is silly. I went back to my OB for more cathing...I told her about this...she got my culture and said the colony #'s were way lower than I normally am...that taking that much would be over kill and could cause more problems!!!! She was glad I asked. She said we will just treat the Beta Strep at usual. (I love my dr.)
anyway, I went home w/ a cath to use if needed...I am currently GOING!! WOOHOO!
I had a mild kidney infection...and had been uber nauseous (more than usual) lost some weight...and was dehydrated...I didn't want to drink and have to go...
I am VENTING...can you tell...sorry for the bi$%(ing....
So, it is positional...the uterus is pressing on stuff...once I get bigger it will be OK...From having so many bebes...
The dr. never saw this...but a nurse I know said she saw it before. Needless to say...I am done w/ that hospital!!! GRRR!
Baby is FINE!!!:0) Thank God! Thanks for reading...sorry for the novel...I feel better venting:0)

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Sad So sorry, it sounds like you had a miserable experience. And no I would not go back there, that doesn't sound sanitary in the least!!! :puke2:

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That is terrible!!! I'm sorry you had to go through that twice! I would never go back there either. I hope you have another hospital to have your baby at.

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What a miserable experience! I have hear of that happening to other women before when pregnant, it sounds horrible. What did your doctor say about all this?

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This is the same hospital that about killed my son. I thought that they could handle a cath so I wouldn't have to drive an hour...I was wrong.
The hospital I will deliver at is where #3 was is an hour away, but wayyy worth it!
They said it was the baby on the urethra...and that as I get bigger it will hopefully go away (this was from my GOOD OB DR. THE ER NEVER CAME UP W/ ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!) I also notice if I hold it, it gets hard to go...I had to cath yesterday night...but hopefully baby will grow more and more!!!;0)
Thanks ladies:0)

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I HATE going to the ER when pregnant. I had a miserable and damn near similar experience when I was pregnant with DS. After the experience my OB reminded me they have an after hours service that would call him and let him know I'm in the ER and he would show up.

I went when I was about 15-18 weeks and I was having some serious abdominal and back pain and blood in my urine. I had no idea what contractions felt like at that point but I was pretty sure it was a kidney/bladder/UTI of some kind. Well they made me drink all this water to do the ultrasound.... except the Ultrasound tech was delayed like 3 hours. I'm literally begging the nurse just to let me pee and drink it all again because it was the worst pain in my life (before labor lol). I couldn't sit still. She got so rude with me and threatened to cath me and make sure I didn't pee. I think I probably breathed fire at that woman lol and told her I was going to pee and she was going to get me some more damn water and the ultrasound tech could wait for me. Well when all was said an done it came back a super bad UTI and she apologize profusely for making me hold for that long. It was awful.

Anyway, I'm sorry for your experience. It sucks bad to go to the ER preggers. Hell, when I went into labor the registar lady trie dto convince me I peed myself. lol

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WoW crazy mess, I would totally complain, call your insurance company and they will be able to give you a number to call to complain about the ER.
i'm glad the baby and you are OK!
We go to an ER that is about 30 minutes away because the one closer is nasty, very dirty the DR.s and nurses all look like a motorcycle gang and are very rude.
Good luck!!!