Eye goobies and breast milk

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Eye goobies and breast milk

Dd has had one quite runny he since she was born. Yesterday it got quite a bit worse and oozing more fluid and it was more yellow and her eyelid etc looked a little irritated. I have been carefully wiping it clean with a soft cloth and damp q tips. Anyway the doc said that it is not an infection but under developed ducts and it will clear up as she grows. In he meantime he said I could put breast milk in her eye and that will help. What can't you use breast milk for????

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Seriously, BM is good for EVERYTHING!!! I can't wait to have it flowing again for cuts and scrapes for my other kiddos and to give them a cup when they get sick (which will happen because school is starting soon). I used my BM in DD2's eye for her clogged tear duct, and was able to keep the seeping down to a minimum and it went away. It really is amazing stuff Smile

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I love BM! Used it for both DS and I when we got pink eye! lol

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That stuff is a cure all, use it up mama Smile