Feeding at Night

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Feeding at Night

The last two nights, Liam has really spit up - more of a power puke than just spitting up. There was nothing to indicate to me beforehand that this was coming. I'm really nervous to be putting him on his back now to go to sleep. I have him sleeping in his bouncer because it's on a bit of an incline. Did anyone else ever have this issue? Do you put your babies on their backs to sleep every night or do you have something that places them on a bit of an incline? He gets the hiccups after most feedings, as well, and this makes me nervous to put him on his back. I'm not sure what to do...

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This is what Sophia sleeps in for now

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It is great because it does keep her slightly elavated and cradles her very well. She sleeps wonderfully in it. We just swaddle her and set her in it by my side of the bed.

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We had problems with DS (now 2). I found I has to reduce the amount he ate at a time - he was over eating. Then in time his sphincter got more control and the issue went away.
We do put DS in her bassinet onher back even though she does spit up sometimes. I find it hard to be patient enough to get her burps out.
You could try slightly elevating the head of the mattress in the bassinet - we do this to DS bed when he has a cold.

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I have this issue with both twins but really more so Anthony. I have been trying to burp him more often during feedings, and I lay him on his side. I roll a receiving blanket and sort of prop him on his side. The other thing I just purchased this weekend (two of them in fact) was the nap nanny recliner. It is a bit pricey- $129.99, on sale this week $20 off at Babies R Us. I think this - for me- has been one of the best purchases made yet! I say this bc I am feeding two babies at night and with them spitting up, Anthony more so than Bella, it has helped so much. This is just my advice. The other thing I was considering but decided not to do for now is switch and try the Sensitive Formula (Similac) for babies who spit up often. Good Luck!

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"jaimelr" wrote:

We had problems with DS (now 2). I found I has to reduce the amount he ate at a time - he was over eating. Then in time his sphincter got more control and the issue went away.

^^^^This was my DS1. I found if I fed him more often rather that letting him have long spaces between feedings that he did MUCH better with it. When he was eating too much he would vomit and launch it out, it was so frustrating because then I'd have to feed him again.

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With DS1, we had to switch to soy which reduced it drastically-and we learned to incline his body. With Levi since he was a preemie, the NICU found he has silent reflux-he barely spits up ever, but he gets really bad/hard hiccups that sometimes last for 20 min or so. We try to take frequent eating breaks, unless its a day where hes not eating more than a ounce at a time then we dont really take a break to burp until he has at least a ounce and half down, he sometimes gets to aggressive while eating to which we have to pull it away from him till he slows down, and we keep him elevated in our arms at least 5-10 min afterwards, then we put him in his bed which we have at a incline. We use the summer co sleeper that you can get at target.