feeling kicks ON THE OUTSIDE?!?!

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feeling kicks ON THE OUTSIDE?!?!

Seriously?! Already? No... I must be imagining this. Someone come feel my belly tell me if you feel it too!

I'm not even 17 weeks. This baby is CRAZY! I feel movement at least once an hour, and just now baby was crazy wiggly so I put my hand where the kicks were and I swear I felt a tiny tap! I've been feeling movement since 13 weeks and that, too, seemed early to me.

Any BTDT moms feel movement on the outside this early?!

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That is early, but not that uncommon. I barely started to feel the baby and can feel him from the outside too as of a few days ago and mine is a wiggle worm too.

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That's great! I'm still only feeling occasional tapping from inside - it's not every day, though, and that makes me sad! haha I can't wait to start feeling the baby all the time!

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Lol. Just kidding Al. that is sooo cool. I wonder if you're going to have a busy one like Aidan LOL.

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That's awesome - I think I'm a little jealous!! Lol

I've been feeling a lot of movement on the inside, but nothing from the outside, yet. Every time I put my hand there and relax and try to feel, all I can feel is my heartbeat... lol

I can't wait until DH can feel it!!

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I started to feel movement around the 18th week and as soon as I could feel it, my husband could too. Actually, I tell everyone to put their hand on my belly and feel the kicks!
This is my first so I'm not sure what is normal as far as how often you should be feeling movement, but pretty much everytime I'm sitting still (eating, working, sleeping, driving, watching TV), I feel the baby moving. I LOVE it, keeps my mind on the thing that matters most...baby!

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Well, when DH's aunt did my last u/s it showed he was 6 inches curled up, so he's already longer than average. I won't say I can feel kicks on the outside but I can definitely feel things when he stretches out. Like from the outside DH can feel where stuff changes.

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We are also feeling kicks on the outside...
I DH has felt out children around that age...

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I'm not (that) crazy!hahaha

DH felt a kick last night! WOOT! Yahoo

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That's so awesome Al!! I'm not so patiently waiting for those internal flutters right now LOL. Lazy baby better haul @ss LOL