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Last night I finally felt movement from the outside - and lots of it! I was laying quietly in bed resting because I didn't feel well, and all of the sudden Baby D started kicking up a storm. It was awesome to be able to feel those thumps from the outside, rather than just from the inside. It feels so late to only now be able to feel them, but since I have so much extra weight, I'm sure the body fat makes it harder... ;p I only wish DH had been there to feel it - he was upstairs still...

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement!

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Yay! That's SO exciting! I wanted to mention, I've got extra weight too, but Jason just pushes around (not gently, lol) on my belly to get baby moving, and then he can feel her as long as he's pressing firmly. It was actually just this week that he was able to feel her for the first time without the pushing!

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Great news!!! Smile