Finally bought a dresser!!

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Finally bought a dresser!!

So I got called into work this weekend for 3 days because someone had some family pass away. Of course when i'm sitting behind the desk doing nothing I'm start making lists of everything I need to get done. I feel so behind! When I got home at 4 yesterday and after diiner told DH we had to get something accomplished that day, no questions asked. So we piled into the car and made a trip to IKEA (love that store) and finally got a dresser for little man! I've been scouring craigslist and and BRU/buy buy baby clearance dresser but never really found anything I loved/wanted to spend that money on. Saw some nice ones at BBB but the clearance floor displays were still $400!

We ended up with the Hemnes 3 drawer chest ( in Brown-Black. Obviously not a high quality dresser but nice and it will do. We're so limited on space right now and this is just right to double with a changing pad on top of it...we just have to buy that still. Now I just have to put it together (tomorrow's project...and DH is hopeless with tools) then I can rearrange DS's room to fit it in there, wash the clothes and diapers and get them put away. Now I just need to get DS's new booster seat and a million other things done.

I think I'm paranoid of going really early. My co-worker went into labor the day of her baby shower we were having at work...5 weeks early! Now I'm worried something like that will happen to me and I'm not ready. 5 weeks early would mean I'd have him in 5 wks! Gah!

On a good note we've finally narrowed the name down to 2 options (Melissa, time to feel smart) either Drake Alexander or Drake Atticus.

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I like that dresser. I was actually still using DS's baby dresser with him. So, when we got a new bedroom set, we gave our dresser to DS and his dresser to the baby.

I really love Drake Alexander!

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Oooh, I DO feel smart! LOL I really love the combo of Drake Alexander - it just flows. Smile

I love, love, love that dresser! Congrats of getting some stuff done... I am STILL waiting on DH to get the contractors in to even QUOTE our baby's room construction and I'm starting to get a little irked... *sigh* I, too, have that paranoia that we are getting so close to the end and anything could happen. I am actually quite convinced that I am going late, but I guess who knows??

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I like Drake Alexander, too!