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First Pediatric Appointment a first time mom I pretty much feel like I know NOTHING! And one of the things I totally don't know is when should I take her in for her first appointment? I feel like since I am birthing at a birth center, maybe it is supposed to be sooner but then again maybe thats not true. Im going to talk about it with my midwife next week but in the meantime could some of you experienced moms just let me know when you start planning those initial appointments?

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Well - typically the baby goes in for his/her first appointment when they are 1 week old, give or take a day or so, unless you have any immediate concerns that require a doctor's visit earlier. If you call your chosen peds office to let them know you had a baby, they should indicate when they might want you to come in - just let them know you birthed at a birth center, so your baby wasn't seen by a ped at the hospital before you were released. Smile

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Talk to them beforehand! Our office works in conjunction with my hospital so they will come see him at the hospital and do the circumcision there before we are discharged. While there they give us specifics on when they want us to come in. DS was born the 13th...Saturday morning and I was discharged Monday evening. They wanted me to bring him in 2-3 days after discharge, so about 5 days after birth. He also had issues with a kidney though that they were keeping an eye on. This time they have a heads up of my EDD and their contact info is all over the place...Birth Plan etc, and DH knows to call their office after the birth too, just to let them know he's here. The hospital should call, but I like to cover my bases.

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Yea, my pediatrician is in the same building as my hospital so he will likely stop by and see him. Just call the office of the doctor you are going to see and ask if you aren't sure.

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I'm really not sure what the protocol is in Canada. I'll have to ask at my next appointment; but, I'm pretty sure I just continue seeing my current doctor with the baby and then the family doctor takes over care unless there is something major and a specialist is needed.

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My baby will be seen by whatever pedi is on call at the hospital during our stay (I don't have my babies in my city so my pedi isn't close enough). Then I take him/her in to my pedi at 2 weeks for the first real appt.

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I'm in Canada - and my doctor asked where I lived while I was still on the delivery table! He suggested a pediatrician who was young and new and whose office was around the corner from me. He was great! He checked DS in the hospital and for years after. Saw him until DS was beyond 18 years old. We saw eye to eye from the beginning.

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I'm in Canada and my midwife cared for baby up until 6 weeks at which time my care is transferred to my family doctor. I don't see my family doctor until DS is 2 months old for his first immunizations.