Formula and Poop

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Formula and Poop

We are in the process of switching formulas and I think this is contributing a bit; but, just wanted to see if anyone had experienced this and if it's normal... In the past 4 or 5 days, Liam has only pooped 3 times (on 2 days) and they've been quite large and loose. This morning, it was green. Is this normal or could it mean something else? Could it just be the iron in the formula and his body adjusting? When we had our doctor's appointment last week, the doctor made sure to ask if his poop was green or not; so, I'm just a little worried that it could be bad. I'll likely make a doctor's appointment, anyway, because he's still spitting up entire feeds through the night and I'm not sure what else I can do about that!

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I was always told to speak to the doctor if poops were green. This can happen with any number of changes though and doesn't mean any particular problem.

Are his spit-ups forceful and projectile? (Going a dramatic distance?) That could be a sign of a condition called Pyloric Stenosis which would need monitoring. (My son had this) My guess is he does not have this though!

I hope the change in formula improves things soon and that his tummy settles down as it matures.
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We have yellow poops here - they are going at least once a day. I would call the doctor just to be sure.

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I did go to the doctor last week to ask about these things...

The spitting up has stopped - thank goodness! The bowel movements are still only once a day or once every couple of days and they're still dark green and fill the diaper!

The doctor didn't seem too concerned about the number or size of the bowel movements. He did indicate, though, that the colour could mean he's either being over fed or under fed. He's definitely not under fed. I don't feel like he's being over fed, either... He eats 3-4 ounces every 3-4 hours OR 1-2 ounces every 1.5-2 hours. Is this typical for a one month old on formula? Does anyone have any opinions on this? I definitely don't want to over feed him; but, I don't want to starve him, either!

PS: He was 8lbs12oz at birth. At our three week appointment, he was 9lbs11oz. Then, at this last appointment (four days after the three week appointment), he was 11lbs4oz! :confused: Although I don't feel like he's being over fed, I do feel like that was a HUGE gain in only four days...

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Mine are eating 3 oz every every 2.5-3 hours.

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My experience with formula feeding DS1 was pretty traumatic at first. What formula are you using? You may have posted that somewhere but I missed it.

DS1 had alot of pooping issues and would actually scream when it came time to poop at first. I found that doing the Enfamil Gentlease or the Similiac Sensitive formula stopped this for him and it also helps with any gas/fussiness or even spitting up.

They can have growth spurts they can cause them to gain some... I'm not sure how much is too fast but they doctor usually says something if they are concerned with their growth. Worst case scenario it doesn't hurt to call and say, "You know I was thinking, I'm just a little concerned because he gained x during x days, is that ok?" Trust me, the doctor's offices get all kinds of calls like this and most of them would be happy to reassure parents fears.

From what I remember with DS1, he typically ate 3-4oz every few hours. He still eats like a horse lol. His brother is not far behind, he eats 10 minutes on each breast and 1-2 oz of formula.

Hope that helps!

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