Friday's appointment & the weekend

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Friday's appointment & the weekend

Well, I had my 36 week appointment on Friday where my OB drained my cervical cyst... YIKES it was painful! He got 15 mL of fluid out, and then squeezed out about another 5... and said that he got about 3/4 of it! That is a LOT of fluid! Can you imagine just how big that was?? He had said ping-pong ball sized, but I guess I hadn't really thought of that as being THAT big...

Anyway, I'm glad it's over. I had some bleeding and cramping for a while after he was done, but I felt better by Friday night.

Then, the nesting got to kick in high gear! My SILs hosted a baby shower for me on Saturday, but it was at my house because they live about an hour away. So Friday night I cleaned! And then Saturday morning I cleaned! I scrubbed floors on my hands and knees, dusted, vacuumed and did a lot of decluttering. It was awesome! LOL I haven't been doing much cleaning because the house is in so much disarray from the basement project - it's been hard to work around all the "stuff" in the way... but since I was forced to do it, it was so satisfying!

The shower went really well - a ton of people showed up and we got a lot of what we needed to get, yet. Smile Then after the shower, a couple of people stayed to help prime the basement walls and celining (yes, the mudding, taping, and ceiling texture was finished on Friday!!). We were up until late late late and I totally overdid it. Then on Sunday, we slept in a bit, made breakfast, and then went back to painting. More people came over Sunday to help paint, and we managed to finish around 7:30pm. I am SO pumped!! It's beautiful! I can't wait, now, to see all of the trim and doors and stuff get put up, and the carpet goes in a week from today.

THEN, I get to set up the baby's room! WOOT! lol It's about time... Wink

I really, really overdid it this weekend, though. Felt lots of strong contractions on and off all day yesterday, and today I am super sore today, and very tired. I am looking forward to vegging out a little this week, though the kids are back home, so there isn't a ton of down time... but I'll veg as much as I can...

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OUCH OUCH OUCH! I have thought about you and that cyst! 20cc is a lot!!!!!!!!!!! Glad it is over with for you!
Hooray for nesting...I have been catching up with cleaning too! Lots to do:0)
Aww, glad your shower went well!!!! And help painting?! Awesome! Can your friends come to my house?! HAHA!:0)
I love getting house projects finished!!! We have a LIST! lol.
Yes, you need lots of rest:0) You had a BUSY BUSY week!

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Oo that's awesome that the baby's room is almost done! I bet it will be a huge relief when it's finished. I had a small shower on Saturday too and we got the rest of what we needed. Just putting together a few things and we will be all ready!

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Just the thought of that cyst makes me cringe! I can't imagine!!!!!!

So glad the other things are starting to come together. I know you were really worried about the humidity and getting the painting and such done. Now go take a break!

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I hope you share pictures of the new room! Biggrin So nice to have things coming together for the "home stretch"!