Funny Moments: Life With A Newborn

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Funny Moments: Life With A Newborn

Me: oh, I think Sophia just peed on me Blum 3, I think your boob is leaking
Me:........well crap
Sophia: nomnomnom!!!!

I guess my milk supply just came in full force. It's 6am and I just had the most dramatic diaper change. Just tossed two changing pads and a onsie in the wash and the whole time she was crying, my milk was pouring as if to say "the baby is crying! She needs me! Give her milk! More milk!"

Cheer me up and share some stories!

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LOL! Gotta love leaky boobs!!

When DS was born we had thrush right off the hop. I got some gentian violet to ward it off.
What I did was paint my nipples with the gentian violet and then nurse DS... well I was nursing DS off righty and looked at the sleeper he was in and it was COVERED in purple! I was thinking "NOOO!! I just put this on him, how did this happen?!" Then I realized lefty was leaking all over him and because I had previously painted my nipple the milk was purple! haha... well that ruined that outfit! I knew better next time to cover up with a nursing pad! haha