Gavin is here! **UPDATED**

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Gavin is here! **UPDATED**

Posting from the nook. Water broke going to the movies. Went in around 1:40 and he was born at 4:19 pm. He is a hefty 10 lbs 8 oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Sugars have been low but working on getting them up.

**Update** Our c-section was scheduled for 8-21-12. We were going to take advantage of the nice weather and take DS1 out to the park and to the movies. We went into the movies and I went to go pee. I picked out the stall with no toilet paper. I was going to get up and move to the next stall when I thought I peed all over myself. Water broke with DS1 but I felt a 'pop'. I didn't feel a pop this time. I was so embarrassed and wondering what to do next. I sat down to get my underwear off and stood up again to another gush. At this point I realized that it was not me peeing on myself but my water. I looked back in the toilet and saw that it had blood in it and I knew at that point what happened. I got out of the bathroom and told DH. We left the movies so quickly and headed straight to the hospital - which happened to be only 5 minutes away.

I called my sister and aunt and DH called his mom. We got there around 1:45PM. They took me back to do the c-section at 3:30PM. It went really smoothly even though it was in a rush.

When they took Gavin out of my belly the doctor asked DH to look at something. He showed him the umbilical cord. It had a true knot in it. If Gavin would have moved too much the wrong way he wouldn't have made it here to be with us. I have no idea how long he had the knot or how he got it (he was a squirmy baby so I imagine that he probably flipped around).

Overall it wasn't a bad experience. Gavin's blood sugars were low so we had to supplement some with formula, which I was not entirely happy about but the alternative was an IV and I didn't want to do that. Breastfeeding is going much, much better now that we are home. He likes to fall asleep while eating so we have to tickle his feet to keep him attentive.

I'll get some pictures uploaded soon.

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Congratulations!! What a big baby!! Can't wait to hear more details!

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Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your big boy Biggrin

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WTTW Gavin! Can't wait to see pictures of your new bundle of baby boy joy!

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WTTW Gavin!! I bet he's an adorable little guy. Can't wait to see pics

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Congratulations! What a big boy. Looking forward to pics and to hear your story.

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oh wow! I'm so glad everything turned out ok.