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GBS Positive

Even though this baby is still breech, I'm curious to hear if anyone has delivered vaginally while GBS positive and their experience with it (i.e. did baby get sick, etc., etc.).

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I had a vaginal birth and was GBS+ with DS. I was administered abx during labour. After DS was born we kept an eye on DS after his birth, but he's been fine. No problems whatsoever! Biggrin

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I delivered unknown with my last baby (first vaginal). I got abx during labor and they kept an eye on her afterwards. Turns out I was negative but we didn't know that going in as I had just had my swab done the day my water broke. The risks to baby are incredibly minimal anyway even with no treatment but the risks to baby with treatment are even less than incredibly minimal.

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I have been GBS+ with all three pregnancies.

With my first, I had one round of abx and then delivered vaginally before the second round had time to be administered. Baby was fine.

With my second, there was no time for abx at all. Delivered vaginally and baby was fine.

With my third, I will be delivering vaginally (assuming no complications, of course) with no abx unless risk factors are present. Risk factors include fever during pregnancy, water broken for an extended period of time (18+ hours), previous GBS-related bladder or kidney infection in mother, or labour before 37 weeks. Only the first two will be applicable in my case, so if neither of those are the case, I will deliver vaginally without abx in order to avoid the abx-related drawbacks.

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I was positive with DS and with this current DS pregnancy. No complications with either. Doc had said that it just meant to be sure to go to hospital soon (ie if water broke at home) to get antibiotics.
Labour with DS was 9 hours total - 2 hours from doc breaking water. So lots of time for antibiotics.
This labour with dd was only 2 hours total and we were at hospital only 40 minutes before baby was born. The doc broke my water and the baby was out within minutes (doc said baby was only in canal and exposed for about 30 seconds because everything went so fast).
I would take this off your list of things to wory about. Just head to hospital if water breaks.

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These posts are all reassuring! Thank you!

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#1 got both bags of antibiotics and DD was fine.
#2 told the dr.s I went fast...they didn't believe me and only got 1/2 in...son was septic from beta strep and we almost lost him...2 + weeks in the hospital. It was so scary. He has immune system issues because of it...
#3 and #4 never tested because of the beta strep got the antibiotics THEN was induced...didn't have a problem.

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I tested positive with DS #4 and DS #6--with #4 I got one dose of abx before he was born and with #6 I didn't get any abx because I partially delivered him in the car. Both of them were fine. The hospital did end up keeping us for an extra day to monitor them, but that was it.

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I was GBS positive with the antibiotics and she was just fine. They kept an eye on her after but no problems at all.