Getting There

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Getting There

Well yesterday I was having consistent contractions about 30 minutes apart. Not hurting but noticeable. I kept a low key eye on them while we went to a BBQ at my sisters. DH and I kept exchanging secret knowing glances but kept suspicions to ourselves because I didn't want to get my family fussing. They mellowed out and I eventually stopped paying attention to them.

Today we've definitely had more and stronger. I'm having trouble timing them because even though there is pain and pressure and discomfort, baby is also being vert active and making it harder to pinpoint the start of one. I went for a walk which definitely kicked them up a notch. No bloody show or anything like that yet so for now I'm going to try and close my eyes to sleep. We will see how things progress through the night and into tomorrow but with each one that comes I am feeling more sure this is it! I hope I don't wait too long to call my midwife. It's my first so I just really want to be sure before I set those wheels in motion.

Well after tracking them into the night at a steady 10 minutes apart, I finally got some sleep. Hardto do when it feels like a painful night before Christmas! But this morning things seem to have mellowed back down. Booo!!! Gonna do some more walking today and hope things pick back up. I just hate getting mine and DHs hopes up but like he told me this morning, it's not like she isn't going to come, because one way or another she is Smile

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Good luck and keep us posted!

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Good luck and yes please keep us updated.

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Your DH is right - she IS coming eventually... LOL. Don't be surprised if you have a couple of false starts... eventually they'll pick up and STAY up. Wink

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Ditto what everyone else said. Let us know when things pick up again. Smile

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Exciting! Good Luck! KUP!

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Sorry... don't be surprised if this happens several times. With DD I had contractions 3-4 mins apart for 3-4 hours several times in the 2 weeks prior to her birth... Annoying, but then when she came she was quick!

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Don't get discouraged if it takes a few starts to really get into active labor. It generally happens like that more so than not. Good luck and KUP! I got the pleasure of having contractions last night for about 3 hours that were about 8 minutes or so apart and lasting a minute. They're picking up again this evening, not quite as close but they're there. Every contraction we have now is one less we have to have later and it brings us one step closer to meeting our LO's!!!!!