Gift from baby to sibling?

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Gift from baby to sibling?

Anybody have plans to buy an existing sibling a gift from new baby? I have heard of people doing this and am putting some thought into what would be nice. My firrst reaction would have been a truck or boat or something for DS but then I started thinking maybe a doll or teddy (which are both strange ideas since he doesn't really play with either) so that he could mimic me when the real baby is home. i.e. if real baby is crying and I am dealing with that and DS wants attention I could ask him to comfort his "crying" baby or bear. Ditto with diaper changes, etc.

Any thoughts?

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I am not doing this since my girls are all old enough to really understand what's going on. But if I were, and dealing with a toddler, I think that I would do something that he would really enjoy, rather than a doll... it might mean a little more. Something that he's been wanting, but that he hasn't been able to have... But that's just my thoughts. Smile

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I gave my grandson a soft stuffed animal when he was born. His sister fell in love with it, so it just made perfect sense that it should be hers. A baby doll would have been the logical idea under the circumstances except that DD would have killed me! Dolls were never a big deal for either of us as we grew up.

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I've been thinking about it. DH doesn't like the idea because he figures ds should just accept the changes. I kinda agree. I know my SIL and mother both got him stuff for when lo comes, so I might forgo it since they've got stuff for him.

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I have done this before and I think its a great idea. Especially for the younger ones who may not understand as much. Its very easy for the toddlers/younger siblings to feel jealous or resentful of the baby at first if they see that they are not the "baby" anymore or not getting as much of mom's attention as they used to..and I think giving them a little gift from the new baby may make them more happy to accept their new baby brother/sister.

The gift could be something small and inexpensive that the child would like, or you could get more elaborate and get them something they have been wanting, or you can go the doll/teddy bear route so they have something new to play with and also be able to mimic you.

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I plan on getting my girls a gift from mom and dad. We will have it at the hospital when they come to visit the baby for the first time. I think it is nice for the kids to feel like they are still really special. Especially since the baby is getting all of the new stuff and everything seems to be for the baby.

My girls are into dolls so they will be getting a baby with some little accessories (socks, an outfit, a bottle, etc). I think it is a great idea!

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I found an idea on Pinterest to do a big sister bag - it will have a big sister shirt and fun activities, etc for her. It's going to be a huge adjustment for DD to have 2 brothers at the same time, so I wanted to give her something. Smile

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Harlee-can you share that idea with me?

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Thanks, what a good idea