Going Home Outfits

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Going Home Outfits

What is everyone thinking in terms of going home outfits? This is my first and I'm not really sure what I should be bringing - especially, since it's going to be so hot! Does anyone care to share a picture of theirs if they've decided?

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To be honest, DD#1 (she is about to be 17) I dont even remember... but DD#2 I had a cute pink layette with matching booties and hat and the whole nine. This pregnancy, for the twins, I have a pair of comfy long sleeves pj's - one has butterflies all over it and the other has bears on it (boy/girl) and I will bring a set of socks, mittens (anti-scratching, not fuzzy warm LOL), a hat and a onsie for each. I figure it is hot but newborns will need long sleeve, esp with A/C in the car and long ride but the pj's are light enough to where they wont be too hot. And its not like were having anybody here waiting on us for them to wear anything super pretty so.... Im not doing a whole layette matching outfit thing like last time but I guess for pictures of homecoming and stuff.... just with the hot weather pick a material that is light - thats all I recommend.

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We didn't expect DS to be born in the hospital (planned home birth) he wore a footie-sleeper home. It was beige with alligators all over it. It wasn't supposed to be his "going home" outfit, it was just a sleeper I had packed in case of transfer. I never bought a specific out fit.

I won't be buying a specific outfit this time either. This baby will just wear what we have available. I don't plan to leave the house for the first week (possibly two) so baby will remain in just a diaper all that time (except at night time when I'll put a sleeper on) to have optimal skin-to-skin time.

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I'm taking a onesie and a jammie in size nb and a onesie and a jammie in size 0-3 months and will pick there according to how big she is and whether I give birth and night or during the day (because it is hot as he'll in the day and cool at night). Also taking her a hat, mittens and socks ( the later two for scratch prevention like MM said). We didn't go get anythig special, I just pikes out of the clothes we have gotten for her. I really just picked outfits that unbotton as much as possible and will be easier for me to maneuver her into since this is pretty close to my first time every dressing a baby!

Also, I will happily add pics when I get back home later!

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I was thinking of bringing a gender neutral outfit but I thought it would be more fun to bring a boy outfit and a girl outfit...cause my gender neutral outfits aren't as cute. I will most likely bring a onesie and a summer outfit to go over...one boy and one girl. I will probably not go out and buy anything new as I don't want to buy one of each and then have the hassle of having to return the extra one once we find out if its a boy or girl.

I will most likely go through my boy and girl clothes and pick the cutest thing I have. Its going to be super hot so I will just do a cute little dress for a girl probably, and shorts if its a boy. I will also have a blanket to put over them in the carseat so if they get a little cold I can cover them up more. I will also bring a pair of white socks cause that will go with either gender and some type of hat most likely.

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HAHA! Ahhh, the things I am so behind on!! This going-home outfit topic is right on par with the "bag-packing" topic that I seem to be ignoring... LOL DH said to me the other night, "You know, honey, you should really think about packing a hospital bag - I mean, you are 34 weeks!"

I keep thinking about these things, but I just feel so overwhelmed that I can't make myself get started! *sigh*

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DD#1: Horse Outfit
DD#2: Pink Sleeper w/ Horse Hat

Abram will be wearing a Spider-man outfit...Jonah picked it out for him:0) EEK! So excited!

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Thanks! I just really wasn't sure if something long-sleeved, like a comfortable sleeper, would be too warm in the summer!