Got my birth ball!

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Got my birth ball!

I picked up an exercise ball today! I can't wait to get it home and start bouncing! lol
I loved sitting on my ball while pregnant with my son. Comfortable to lean on and great to help get baby in a good birthing position! I also used it A LOT during labour.
I borrowed my SIL's exercise ball with my son, but she needed it back so I got myself my own! I can't wait to start spinning this baby into a good birthing position!

Anyone else use a birth ball in prep for the arrival of their LO?
What else do you do to help prepare your body for birth? Any exercises or tips?

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I swear that I could NOT have made it through the last few weeks of my previous pregnancies without my birth ball! I actually brought mine to work for my last pregnancy and sat on that during the day, rather than my office chair. I just dug it out a couple of weeks ago for this time around, but I haven't inflated it yet. I have a feeling I may be trying to spin this baby - he seems entrenched in the same diagonal head-up position that he has been in the entire pregnancy.

The only other thing that I am trying to do to help prepare for birth is that I've started doing regular Kegel exercises...

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I have never used one of the birth balls. I bet this would be way more comfortable than my chair! lol