"Grown-Up" Contractions, Water Dreams and Tendonitis

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"Grown-Up" Contractions, Water Dreams and Tendonitis

So I have been having BH since the second trimester. Nothing special, just one here and there. Last night at 3 though, I had my first "grown-up" contractions complete with menstrualesque cramping and back pain. YAY! I know, did I really just yay the pain? I DID! Was up a little before 3 thanks to my kitty requesting attention and shortly after had the first absolute contraction. 30 minutes later the second one came on. I figured it was one of two things
a) early labor or b) false labor
Either way I figured I just needed to close my eyes, stifle my potential excitement and go back to sleep. I would either wake up to worse or less. Since waking at 6 to take DH to work things have been quiet so just practice labor Im guessing. Still, I am glad that I have an appointment with my MW today since baby has been VERY active and I have been feeling all kinds of pelvic and rectal (yay TMI!) pressure. This little girl is like a chick testing her egg shell to see if it is ready to crack open! It was exciting to feel those first little reminders that labor is indeed in my near future and Im also glad I managed to keep calm and go back to sleep rather than wake DH up and get him all excited for nothing.

On another note, I had an interesting dream. I got caught in my car during a flash flood and was swept down the street into a river where I then had to break out of the car and swim for safety. My mother things it is a dream about own water breaking and my SIL says she heard it is common to have water dreams late in pregnancy because your body is so full of fluid and subconsciously aware of that. I take it as a very good sign that during a dream that might initially sound stressful, I actually stayed very calm.

"Oh look...a flash flood is coming down the street. Well, I don't have time to make it to the nearest house so I better get in my car"
"Oh look...I need to get out of the car now before it sinks. Okay. Well Im going to roll down the window and wait for it to fill then swim out."

I was so rational and calm and when I woke up I was just a little dizzy from all the swimming my brain thought I had been doing. LOL!

And on a final note, while my right wrist continues to SUFFER with this lame pregnancy induced tendonitis, Im finding myself waking at night with the other one hurting and my fingertips being totally numb. UHG! Night time swelling/crap blood circulation sucks. Im sure it is just because I don't change position much in the night now because you know, IT TAKES FOREVER AND IS SUCH AN ORDEAL!!!

Still, in good spirits and I hope you all are too!

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OMG, the water dreams!! I didn't realize that it was a pregnancy thing... but last night I had a dream that I lived on a lake and the lake was flooding! I was trying to get my girls packed for a trip and the suitcases and all of their clothes were in the basement which was flooded - filled to the top of the stairs. All of our neighbors were evacuating, but we weren't, and I was just watching the water rise. Then I went into the back year and accidentally stuck my hand in the water and turned off the sump pump. LOL Funny thing was, I was in water up to my ankles throughout the whole thing, but never panicked - I was just BOUND AND DETERMINED to get my girls packed for their trip and then relax! ROFL! I thought it was the weirdest, funniest dream, and could really find no relation to my current life except for the fact that I have to get my kids packed for a trip to SD that they are leaving for tomorrow night with their dad... ROFL

Anyway, how exciting on the contractions! I wouldn't be waking up my DH at all until I was SURE it was more than just a couple of random contractions - the poor guy would never go back to sleep! LOL

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Grown up contractions is the perfect term! I can't wait until I get my first one. Smile

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It's so exciting that everyone is getting so close and the signs are starting to show!