Had my first U/S yesterday!

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Had my first U/S yesterday!

I had my first appt. with my OB yesterday. He's been my doctor since about half way through my twin pregnancy about 9 years ago. So after talking with me for a few minutes, he confirmed my suspicions that we probably conceived on Thanksgiving, and then gave me a surprise u/s to date the pregnancy for sure and to check for multiples. It was so great to see my little bean! There was no heartbeat, yet, so he actually thinks that maybe I'm not quite as far along as I thought I might be, but everything else looked great with the pregnancy. I go back next week for my first official prenatal appt. with a nurse, and then go back on the 9th again to meet with my OB. He said that he's do another u/s at that appt and would give me a firm due date then. Smile

The BEST part of the whole thing is that my OB gave me Zofran... and OMG, it's SO awesome. I managed to get through cooking two huge holiday dinners and didn't feel sick! Biggrin I'm still tired, but am doing okay.

We told my MIL and step FIL last night when we had them over to celebrate Xmas, and then today we had my mom and my FIL over to celebrate and told them then. SO the news is officially out. Smile

I got a picture of my bean yesterday, so I'll post that to Space on the spaces thread when I get it uploaded. Smile

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

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That is great that you have an OB that you know so well and trust. I'm glad the Zofran is doing its magic too!

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It's nice to have an OB that you trust. I've had my OB since 2006 and he is my sister's OB so he knows our family history!

Can't wait to see your pictures of the U/S.