Had our 3rd appt. yesterday

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Had our 3rd appt. yesterday

Had our 3rd appointment on Thursday Jan26th. Everything looks good! All my blood work came back fine. Got to see our LO again, which we weren't expecting. Saw a nice strong heartbeat, the Dr. was trying to get us a good pic but baby wasn't cooperating. I think he/she was sleeping because there wasn't much movement. I was really hoping to hear the heartbeat at this appointment, but seeing it was better! My DH swears baby is a boy. He said "I saw his face and I just know it's a boy"..Next appointment is Feb. 24th! I can't believe how much baby has grown in 4 weeks, it's truly amazing to see! On a bad note, I'm battling a head cold right now. I really hate being sick, I'm just hoping that my asthma doesn't start acting up.

Anyway, here's a pic of our little baby:

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That's awesome that you got to see the baby and heartbeat! It's always a great surprise when you do. Thanks for sharing the picture and yea it's is amazing how fast they grow!!

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Wow thats so awesome!!! Love U/S Pics!!!!

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yay for the great appointment and seeing your bean! Yahoo