Halfway through!

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Halfway through!

I'm officially halfway through this pregnancy! 20 weeks today, I can't believe it's gone so fast. I swore I'd be more prepared with this one, now I'm at the same point as my last and done nothing except pull DS's clothes off the shelf to see what is reusable. Still seems like I've got so much to do.

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Woot for halfway!! I realised with my last that there really wasn't much to be done. I didn't go through clothes until later on anyway. My first was always dressed to the nines in jeans and button down shirts with little flat caps LOL. DS2 was in PJ's for the first 4 months and about 90% of the time he still is hahaha.

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I know - I was 18 week yesterday, and I feel like we have SO much to do. We haven't even started on the baby's room. And when I say started, I don't mean decorating - I mean, we haven't started CONSTRUCTION on the baby's room... YIKES! We did some talking about it and we realized that we can't start construction until we have our huge garage sale next month... we combined two households last year and have to get rid of all of the stuff that's in the way! The nice thing is that anything that doesn't sell in our garage sale is going to be donated, so it really will truly all be gone after that. So construction can't start until May... and boy, does that seem like we're cutting it close! I figure if the room can be done by early July, that gives me about two weeks to decorate and still be fairly safe that it'll be done on time. But I am not convinced it'll be done. *sigh*

As for everything else, I am slowly getting things together. I still have my breast pump from 9 years ago. We have almost all of the gear we need because my ex-SIL just gave me all of her stuff... and people have already started to buy us clothes. I've done my cloth diaper research, and yesterday afternoon I spent some time getting schooled by the owner of the local cloth diaper store. I'll buy a few over the summer to get us started, and then won't buy the rest until we decide which works best. I can't think of anything else right now, though I know I'll start panicking this summer... LOL

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Yay for halfway!

I don't count halfway until 21 weeks... because there's a good chance I could see the 42 week mark! LOL!

I'm finding with #2 since I have most (if not all) of what I'll need already, I'm not really pressed to get anything done. I won't wash up all my newborn clothes (eee! "newborn", I love saying it) until later in the pregnancy.

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Melissa, I just wouldn't panic. Baby doesn't care about a decorated room for a good long while. :sleepyboy:
Think Christmas! Wink

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I’m not planning to do anything other than perhaps find the baby diapers and call the diaper service pre-baby. Don’t know when that will be because DS1 came 2w2d early, DD came on her due date, and DS2 came 3wk early... Other than that, maybe I’ll try to stay on top of laundry so that our room is cleanish, and toilet train DS2 pre-baby… that’s my plan for preparation!

Later, we will have to figure out what we are doing in terms of where baby will stay once s/he moves out of our room. On the other hand, Ivy was 13/14months old, and Leo was 17 months old when they finally got the boot, so I’m thinking we have plenty of time to figure things out! I think the breast pump is still in our bedroom…

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I still have EVERYTHING to do and, being a FTM, am really not sure I'm aware of all I need to do! haha

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"Allie01979" wrote:

DS2 was in PJ's for the first 4 months and about 90% of the time he still is hahaha.

haha! That's us as well. DD2 lives in sleepers! And shoes...who needs em really?!

I haven't given a single thought to what needs to be done for the new baby, just trying to keep my head above water with 2 little kids, a remodel and DD1 in track. I'm a procrastinator and work better under pressure anyway LOL! Got the boobs and diapers, beyond that it'll all work out in the end Smile