Happy (Belated) 4th of July!

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Happy (Belated) 4th of July!

For those in the US, I hope you had a good Independence Day! And that every else just had a great day in general. We went to my BIL's and took the kids to the pool. We were actually planning on going to the waterpark, got there right at noon when they opened and there was no parking. The line wrapped around the building and out past the 3 baseball diamonds behind it! So we left and ended up going to the wave pool the next suburb over. Not as cool, but the boys still had fun.

Then my BIL suggested we go grill burgers at his house. So we get there and all he has are turkey and veggie burgers. And I mean no offense to those who are vegetarian/vegan/just like to eat really healthy, but that's not me. I would rather one good beef burger than a dozen 'wannabees' (as I call them). That's just me! But BIL got upset when I sent DH to the store to get some beef so I could have a real burger. The kicker? I made up all the patties (there were 6 adults and 2 kids) and even BIL ate my beef burgers, not his turkey ones, and liked it! Goober.

We went to go see fireworks at the Sears Center Arena, but traffic was horrible, so we pulled off to watch at a forest preserve about 3 miles away. Unfortunately they were terrible. I was so mad. But not as mad as those in San Diego! If you haven't seen the news yet take a look! All their fireworks went off 5 minutes before the show started...at once! It was over in 15 seconds.

We also have road buckling under the heat here now. Columbus is out of use downtown, and 2 roads in my local suburb (at a major intersection no less) are out of use. Just falling apart under the heat. It reached 101 yesterday, they are calling for the same today and tomorrow. I'm so ready to be done.

What were your 4th of July festivities???

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Happy 4th right back at you!

Well, we woke up to the humidity being SO high that all of the windows in our house were completely fogged up. *yikes* The temp at 9am was already 90 degrees. So we hung out inside. DH and the kids worked on the basement renovations and I laid around and grilled brats for lunch (just being outside long enough to flip the darnned things on the grill was too much!) Then, around 5:30 we left the house to go to the home improvement store and buy some more stuff for the basement, then headed out to my dad's house for a 4th of July BBQ.

At 6:30 the temp according to the car was 104 degrees and the humidity was worse than it had been all week. Luckily, my dad's back yard is all shaded, so we weren't baking in the sun, at least. We hung out, ate, played with the kids with water balloons, squirt guns and the hose, and tried not to melt. My dad's backyard opens up into a park which is only about 3/4 of a mile from the park where our town sets off the fireworks, so with the big open space, it's a perfect place to watch the fireworks without fighting the traffic at the other park. So we took the chairs and walked down the hill into the park and watched the fireworks. It was STILL 95 degrees at 10pm when they started. Ridiculous! Then we went home and went to bed. lol All in all, it was an okay day - it was really nice to get together with family and friends, but certainly the most miserable 4th of July, heat-wise, that I can remember!

We, too, are having road buckling issues... one particular buckle made DH's commute 2 hours on Tuesday, rather than his usual 1 hour. Loverly. LUCKILY for us, it looks like starting tomorrow afternoon, the heat and humidity is supposed to break and we'll finally be able to go outside without dying of heat stroke! YAY!

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Happy 4th!

We woke up at 7am to get ready for our church 4th of July program and breakfast. We have a special program each year we where have a flag raising, the men and women who have served for our country introduce themselves and where they served, we listen to a few vets speak about their experiences, and then listen to some music. Then we all go over to the pavilion for a big breakfast.

After we got home from that, we cleaned up around the house and relaxed a bit. I was in a lot of pain in my thighs and butt from just sleeping the night before, being in uncomfortable positions, I think the baby is starting to really put pressure on my lower half, etc. So DH was nice enough to massage my legs for me.

I then took a nap the same time as the kids so I wouldn't be too tired for the night ahead. Then we got our dinner ready and headed out to my sisters house for a get together before we walked over to the park behind her house to watch the firework show. We got home late and got to bed late, but it was a good day overall.

It has been in the upper 90s here also and today we finally have some rain!! Which is a huge blessing since we are having wildfires in the valley where I live also. It also is cooling down which I love. It feels so good. I have all the windows open and the back door wide open so we can feel the cooler air and listen to the rain.

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We went to my aunt's house for swimming and BBQ. It was alot of fun, then we went to the city's firework display. One of the fireworks tipped over and shot at the crowd - talk about a near labor inducing moment - I was in a panic. No one was hurt thankfully - however it caught the rest of them on fire and they all started to go off at once but it seemed like it lasted forever.