Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Smile I hope all the kids are having a blast with toys, chocolate, egg hunts, etc. and that you're all enjoying spending time with family and friends! I woke up to my LO kicking me this morning - that made my day perfect! :love10:

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My son did an egg hunt today while new baby hopped around my uterus! LOL! So far it's been a great weekend. We're off to my Mom's for dinner tonight Mmm Ham! I can't wait!

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Happy Easter to all those who Celebrate, as well!! I had a great weekend, just sad its over Sad I hate to go to work tomorrow ughhhh!!

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Hope everyone had a great Easter. Smile Mine was well - celebrated mostly on Saturday, and then Sunday the girls were with their dad. I picked them up last night, though and started to cry because the twins turned 9 yesterday, and it just hit me when I saw them!! WAH!!! :bawl: I remember the day they were born like it was yesterday!!

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Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

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Hope everyone had a great Easter:0)