Hiccups vs. Movement

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Hiccups vs. Movement

What's the difference in feeling? I "think" the baby had hiccups the other day... It almost felt like light movement; but, there was a rhythm to it and it almost felt like, at one point, I was feeling it across my belly rather than just in one spot (if that makes sense).

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When I was pregnant with DS he used to get the hiccups all the time. It was just a rhythmic movement in one spot. Regular movement felt more random.

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All my bebes have gotten hiccups...Abram has been having them...it is a rhythmic "thud" in there:0)

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Yep - rhythmic and kind of less jarring than actual movement. My twins had them CONSTANTLY. I haven't felt them, yet, this time around, though.

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DS1 never got them, DS2 had them all.the.time. I was on constant monitoring at the end of my pregnancy due to Cholestasis and when they hooked me up for my NST's, the nurses were always laughing at me becuase they had to keep marking off on the strip that he had the hic-ups lol. it was definitely a rytmic feeling.

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DS1 had them quite often but so far this baby has not had any hiccups but he moves around alot.