Hip Pain

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Hip Pain

Since last evening, I've had this sharp, constant pain on my right hip. It's literally near my hip bone and, depending on how I move, it radiates up my side at times. I had a horrible sleep because it hurt so much and now it's affecting how I'm walking - I'm limping. The first thought I had was sciatica; but, that normally occurs toward the back and this is totally at the front of my hip. The baby is positioned mostly on the right side (with bum down on the left side); so, I thought maybe it was just how he's sitting in there now. Has anyone experienced this? What could it be?

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LOL - seriously, though, that's really what it seems like is the only answer for pretty much everything now days...

No, I've not experienced it, and I can't give you any advice. But I hope that you are able to find some relief soon!

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I'm wondering now if it's just round ligament pain... I have an appointment on Friday; so, if it's still present, I'll ask the doctor about it.

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I HAVE!!! OMG, I have seriously been feeling this for weeks, maybe close to months... for me, its not only sharp, it almost burns it hurts so bad and I wake up limping nearly every morning... it hurts sometimes on and off throughout the day but for me, I know its bc I am def not a side sleeper and sleeping on my sides are killing me esp since I havent grown any hips this pregnancy either. I hope you get some relief, but for me I know it will only be relieved when I deliver and can sleep on my back again.

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I'm having it too! I normally sleep on my back, so this side thing is driving me nuts. I'm sure I sleep on my right more than they'd like, but at this point it's about however I can get comfy enough to sleep. Little man has also dropped, really low and is laying on a nerve in my right groin area. My leg hurts all the time and sometimes it will randomly give out when he hits it just so.