Hoping things pick up! TMI

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Hoping things pick up! TMI

I woke up about 2am with light contractions about every 10mins. This isn't really new because I've been having them for a while, but they were lower in my belly and starting to feel more like PMS cramps. I finally got comfy and decided to go back to sleep. I figured if it's the real thing then it would wake me up again and be closer/stronger...sleep while I can!

Woke up again about 6:30 still with the cramping and also felt like I needed to poo. So I drag myself to the bathroom. No luck pooing, but when I (TMI) wiped the paper was pink, and looking in the toilet there was a big glob of red bloody gunk at the bottom! I never lost my mucus plug or had bloody show with DS, but all I can figure is that this is what it finally is! Honestly, since I didn't have either with DS I'm not sure if they are really the same thing or not. Looking it up online different sites say different things.

I'm still having the contractions with the cramping feeling (and feel like I need to poo every time too) but they aren't regular. Here's hoping they becoming steady and I can be sending messages from L&D soon.

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Oh my goodness - it sounds like things are starting! Biggrin I hope that it gets going sooner rather than later! Good luck! Keep us posted!

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I hope this is it for you also! Good luck and keep us posted.