This is Horrible!

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This is Horrible!
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That is just AWFUL! I'm literally just stunned at how horibly they handled that situation!! You can bet I would not have been as reluctantly understanding as she was in that position. So much about that story is just unacceptable to have been allowed to happen.

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Absolutely unacceptable. No excuse for this. I would have thrown a fit and demanded to see a superior before I did that (maybe she did and I missed that part). TSA is getting ridiculous. They are why I avoid flying as much as possible.

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I don't understand how the bottles being EMPTY was a safety risk. I would think it would be more of a risk if they weren't empty - I mean then it could contain whatever kinda chemicals she could mix with breast milk or something. :/

Ugh. Glad I don't fly.

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wow, they just can't get their stories straight can they??? The more I hear about this TSA the more livid I become.

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Thats crazy!

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I've actually been a little worried to fly (I'll be flying home for Christmas with the baby) because of things like this happening! This is horrible!