Horrible Dream

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Horrible Dream

So lately I haven't really been feeling Baby D move around a lot... I felt it quite a bit for a while, but in the last few days, I THINK that I may have felt him once or twice. It's got me a little nervous, and it apparently came through in my dreams last night because I had this horrible dream.

In the dream, this doctor did some genetic test on my baby and decided that it wasn't going to make it out alive, so he gave me this pill to take to miscarry the baby. I was devastated, so I called in to work, and then took the pill. At some point in the dream my DH showed up and we were both really upset. Then I went into some office in my work and met with my OB who was doing some sort of magic ultrasound and said, "don't worry - everything looks just fine. Your baby is going to be okay." So I turned to my DH and was sobbing with relief, when all of the sudden I remembered that I had already taken the pill that would make me miscarry the baby... then my DH woke me up this morning. And of course, I felt like crap from the dream... not the best start to my day.

So now I'm all nervous - worse than I have been. I can't wait until Wednesday when I have my big ultrasound... I just really, RELALY need some reassurance that everything is okay. It's weird because I don't ever remember being so nervous and worried when I was pregnant with any of my girls. Sad I think it's because this baby is so WANTED... you know? I'm not sure that's the best way to articulate the feeling, but we actually tried for this baby, where my girls all just kind of happened, you know?

Anyone else feeling this way??

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That is a HORRIBLE dream! I hope you never have a dream like that, again! haha

Since this is my first pregnancy, I'm just totally over-nervous about everything! haha In terms of the movement, though, I have days where I feel nothing and then a few days (like the last 3-4 days) where this baby boy, I swear, is playing soccer in my belly! I'm expecting him to quiet down again for a few days because he's been so active!

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Sophia went quiet as well for a few days and I admit, I was getting anxious about it. But now she is back to kicking like a champ! Our subconscious is just a ***** about picking up on our worries and concerns. I was nervous about people not taking me serious as a mom and so I dreamy I was in a group of moms with their perfct babies and I looked at mine and my baby was a chicken breast in a diaper! Everyone was laughing at me and telling me how silly I was for pretending I had a child. My baby books say it is totally normal for babies to be active some days and chill on others, but I'm sure nothing will relieve you more than seeing your baby on Wed and when he kicks up again. *hugs*!!!!!!

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Yes! Well I have lost 3 pregnancies in the past - all tubal so I know I am past that stage but still.... I am always thinking about it or being paranoid. It didnt help AT ALL last night when I received a phone call from a classmate of mine whos son is the same age as DD#2 and we were due around the same time... she went into labor last week at 19 weeks, she knew it was coming though bc her baby was diagnosed via blood testing then additional tests, of triploidy. She had no chance of survival. That phone call came right before I took the girls to dance class (DD#1 had dance last night) and I felt bad bc I was already tired, now I was irritated by this news... worrying bc I havent gottent the results from my preliminary blood work bc I had to push my appt back due to work (I had a brief with the Capt) and I am wondering if there was somethign wrong would they call me? Or just make me wait? Anyway, I of course was reading about it online and of course had nightmares last night!! I have had a few bad dreams since being pregnant but it didnt involve the babies... this time it did and it freaked me out. I have my ultrasound tomorrow but my next actual OB appt isnt until the 23rd (I believe 2 Mondays from now)... when I called to reschedule they were already booked out a couple weeks... Anyway, theres my story. I hope I didnt scare anyone else.... On a positive note, my Chief is giving birth today - scheduled c-section and I am so happy for her!

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I have had some strange dreams too and I get worried sometimes for no reason. We all have those times when we get overly paranoid and scared - totally natural.

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I never had a dream, but I always worried throughout my last pregnancy about something happening. I suffered a m/c at 6 weeks before I got pregnant with my DS and after the m/c I was constantly worried. Honestly, I didn't stop worrying until he was born, and even now I wake myself up if he's slept for a few hours just to check on him (although I still do this with my older girls too and they're 6 and 2!) I think it's normal for a mom to worry about her child, no matter how old or young they are!