How I Spent My Saturday Night

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How I Spent My Saturday Night

I haven't really had more than just a few minutes to myself to tell you all what I got the opportunity to do Saturday night but before my eye lids close for the night I wanted to type it up. Smile

I have a friend that was wanting to VBAC, she's been coming to me for information over the duration of her pregnancy. (I'm very involved with ICAN for those that don't know). She started having problems with her dr towards the end of pregnancy (think, bait and switch) and was just unsure he was really going to support her in the end. She went in to labor Saturday and hung out at home for a good portion of the day. She finally went in to the hospital and was catching a lot of grief from her OB so she called me about to give up and just do a c/s. I could tell in her voice that he was beating her down so I jumped in the car and took off for the hospital, thankfully only about 2 minutes away from me. Ran up to her room and then ended up spending the whole labor and delivery with her and her DH, supporting her. She was oh so close to throwing in the towel for a couple of hours, then some things changed and she changed her entire outlook and started trucking along through labor. She asked me to stay for the duration, her OB finally left us alone to labor peacefully and I got to witness THE.MOST.AMAZING.THING.OF.MY.ENTIRE.LIFE!!! I mean, it's one thing to have my own kids but to experience a birth as a spectator, HOLY SH!T it was A FREAKING MAZING!!!! She was ecstatic that she birthed her baby and got to see and hear all of those amazing things that happen when your baby goes straight to your chest from you hoo ha. She was and actually still is on Cloud 9 flying high from her birth and I am so blessed and in awe of the experience!!! I just cannot tell you girls how moving it is to see the process but not only just that to get to support another woman going through labor, to breathe with her, to have her eyes focusing intently on yours as she rides a contraction through to the end, to get to see her strength emerge just when she feels like she can't do it anymore! I'm fairly certain I will be going through Doula certification after this LO is about a year old or so, I've been leaning in that direction for a while now but this just pushed me over the edge.

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a HUGE Congrats to your friend on getting her VBAC!! What a great accomplishment! Thank goodness she had support like you to help her through it.

What a great experience for you to have! I have attended 5 births of my nieces and nephews. I am so incredibly grateful for being invited to attend them. They were definitely life changing experiences.
I agree that it's one thing to go through labour yourself, but it's a whole other experience being a witness to birth.

This post got me a little teary! I just love pregnancy/labour/delivery/babies!!! and I LOVE reading success stories like this! Biggrin Thanks for sharing!

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That's awesome! I have been lucky to witness three births as a birthing coach, and I agree that the experience is amazing and really, honestly, life changing! Congrats to your friend on her VBAC, and to you for being such a great support to her! Biggrin

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ZOMG I'm very very misty eyed right now.

What an incredible story. I am so over the moon for your friend. I am so glad she had you as her support person or she would have definitely had another cesarean.

I got to witness my BFF's homebirth, that is what changed me from an OB patient to a MW client. IT was so incredible to see a birth that wasn't my own. You get so caught up in everything when it's yours that you really don't see how incredible it is.

Wow- I'm all goosebumpy now Biggrin

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Yes, it is just so incredibly different to be at a birth as an observer instead of as the birther, it's just completely indescribable!!! I just feel so in awe of being able to witness it and so very blessed that she chose me to share that incredible moment with her! I thought I was on a high from my own VBA2C with my youngest but it took me FOREVER to get to sleep after her little girl arrived, I was so pumped up and so high from it and just still so stunned from what I'd just witnessed. She told me after the birth that she owed me so much for being there for her and staying there with her all night until the wee hours of the morning, I laughed and said I feel like I should pay her for letting me be a part of it!!!!

I could definitely see being a doula or midwife as a calling, because I think now birth is in my blood more than it was before if that's even possible!!!!!

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That's just a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. I am very happy for your friend, and would feel honored in the same situation.

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That's awesome! What a wonderful story. So glad you could help her through that and that you could be a part of the whole experience. Congrats to your friend!

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That is a great story!! She is lucky to have a friend like you.. good for her to have the VBAC!!!