I had my baby

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I had my baby

it's a GIRL!!!!!

here's my birth story. Unfortunately I don't get a lot of computer time during the day so I haven't been on to update or join in very much. I miss my PG org time, there was a time when I used to live on here LOL.

Anyway, 3rd time is a charm for me. After 2 hospital births, I finally got my home water birth and it couldn't have been more perfect. Being my last baby ever I'm so glad it happened the way it did.

The Birth Story of Emilie Ann:

Wednesday August 29th. I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The most pregnant I had ever been and I was pretty excited to have made it that far as I knew how much I was going to miss being pregnant. It was, afterall, my last pregnancy ever...for real this time.
I woke up feeling great. I decided I would take the boys downtown to visit my work but it took us a long time to get going and then I changed my mind, not wanting to fight the traffic coming home. Instead we decided to meet Bill for lunch and then go home for a nap. William wouldn't sleep so we all snuggled up in bed and he nursed for a while. Then William decided to be silly and squish my belly. That's when I felt it. A huge internal punch followed by what felt like my water may have broke. I got up and texted Bill and my friend Jordan who is my friend and labour support, that I thought my water had broken, as soon as I stood up I texted again and said "yep, it did". Since my last labour was so fast they both said they were on their way.
Jordan arrived and bought pizza for dinner. I was too excited to eat more than a slice. Contractions hadn't started yet, but I knew it was a matter of time. After dinner I had noticed a few small contractions, nothing painful and no real pattern but it was a start. Jordan and I went for a walk and they came often, not too strong that I couldn't walk through them, but strong enough that I had to concentrate on them. When I got home the Midwife called to check on my progress. Since I had a few contractions she decided to come over. I had planned a home water birth and was so excited that I was actually going to get the birth of my dreams.
I decided to put William to bed early because he hadn't napped that day. He nursed and went down easily. I noticed everytime I took the stairs, I had a contraction. It got to the point I didn't want to take the stairs anymore. The midwives arrived and we sat and chatted for a bit and then I took Aidan up to bed. I got to the top of the stairs and had to hold on to the wall for dear life as a contraction took over my whole body. BIll had to hold me up through it and it lasted a good minute. I came back downstairs and sat on the birth ball and worked through more contractions that were now 10-15 minutes apart. All of a sudden, I couldn't tell if one of them was just never ending or if it was one on top of the other. THe midwife decided it was time for a check, if I was okay with it. I concented and we went upstairs, where she checked me. I was 7 cms, HOLY CRAP!! I knew it hurt, but I was excited that my body was working this hard and getting results. After another contraction rocked my world, we decided it was time for the birth pool. JOrdan helped me down the stairs, I got in the pool and it was pure heaven. JOrdan continued with the counter pressure on my back as I was having some mild back labour. She was a pro-star! As soon as I was in the water the contractions were more, I was feeling pressure, My tones were getting pushy and I could feel the head of the baby waay down low. I knew it was almost time. It had to be, I couldn't stop my body from pushing. The midwife checked me again and said there was just a lip of a cervix left and not to push if I could help it. Then another contraction came and she said the lip was gone and to go for it. I did nothing. The baby came on it's own accord. Fast and furious. The midwife asked BIll if he wanted to catch the baby. Bill declined and I told her that Jordan was going to catch if she still wanted to...or I just said Jordan was going to catch LOL, I don't know if I gave her the option :oP Jordan barely got her gloves on when the head started coming, and then the shoulders and then baby was here. Jordan passed her to me and that's when I saw I had a beautiful baby GIRL. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I was so sure it was a boy, so sure. I think I said something along the lines of "Oh My God, it's a girl, I got my Emilie" She was perfect! a teeny little head, bright alert eyes. SHe came out screaming and them immediately calmed down and just took in the new world around her.
As I lie in bed after, I was just in shock. I was high on the whole experience. Emilie nursed right away and didn't want to stop. They did the newborn exam and she was 7lbs 5ozs. Just like her big brother Aidan.
After Bill got home from dropping JOrdan off at home, the midwives packed up and left. We chilled in bed and snacked a bit and were both buzzed about the whole thing. We finally called it a night at 3am.
The next morning the boys came in. WIlliam wasn't sure of his new sister, but was very sweet with her. Aidan came in and right away asked "is it a boy baby or a girl baby?" he was very excited to hear she was a girl. Not so excited by her name, he wanted to call her Ju-Jube ;o)
Looking at the midwives notes, my labour lasted a whopping 39 minutes. It was intense, but absolutely perfect. Bill was amazing, and knew just what to do and say. Jordan was my rock and stayed with me every step of the way. It was an experience I will never forget. I definitely ended my birthing years with a bang. It's good because I don't think I could ever top that one.
Jordan took some pics. I have yet to go through them all, but I will post some tasteful ones as soon as I can.
Thank you to my whole birth support team. Bill, Jordan, Carolynn, Laura and Karen, and of course my online birth support and cheerleaders, Arty, Emily, Alison and my April '08 and March'11 birth boards :o)
*disclaimer. Sorry for gramatical errors, run on sentences and general literary sloppiness. I'm tired hahaha.

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Congrats! Beautiful!!! Great story too - way to end the birthing years on a positive note. Smile

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Wonderful news and story and great that you got your girl and the birth you wanted! She is a cutie. Smile

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Loved reading your story! What a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations!!

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Congrats! What a great story and love the pictures!