i hope this happens soon...

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i hope this happens soon...

I just ordered some announcement t shirts for the kids to tell the family if i find i'm pregnant this month. Grandma and Grandpa will be in town for christmas so i'd like to tell them while they are here if I get a positive and I won't be testing till December 5th so i'd be afraid i wouldnt have time to order them and have them get here in time LOL. I know... I'm really jumping the gun. hope i didn't just jinx myself!!!

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Well since you're children are "older" meaning they don't change sizes every 3 months I'm sure they'll fit-whenever you find out! so at least wont go to waste if you dont get a BFP. Better safe then sorry, at least you'll have them intime nomatter what!!!

I've picked up big brother shirts so many times, I'm glad now I never bought any because they'd probably be way too small :(.. Never thought it'd take this long or he'd be so "old" by the time we got pregnant with #2.

However, I do find myself buying massive amounts of baby clothes and have 3 different "little brother" and 3 different "little sister" onesies.. heheh...

I'm thinking if I get pregnant this cycle I'll TRY to hold out til xmas to tell Kevin.... we always exchage a special gift on xmas eve when it's just the two of us, like jewelry, or a camera.. or... can't really remember what else...haha... xbox :)... so I was thinking I'd wrap him up the test with a camo onesie or something..

I had hoped i'd be far enough along to tell ppl by xmas or thanksgiving, but now maybe I'll be waiting til Valentines day!!