I'm BAACCCKKK!!!! With pics

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I'm BAACCCKKK!!!! With pics

Sorry for being MIA for almost all of April. Luckily my pregnancy has been very calm recently, which is good because April sure wasn't for us. We were gone or busy every weekend, and the time in between was spent recouping and preparing for the following week/weekend. The first weekend was Easter, and then getting stuff ready for the 2nd weekend.

We spent the second and third week/weekends at my grandparents house for my dad's wedding...I'm still getting used to saying that. And also for my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Talk about a crazy 2 weeks trying to get everything all together and finished up.

The fourth weekend we were on a camping trip that we take each year with some of the families I grew up with. It was really great because DH is such a city boy that he's not crazy about it, but because of my being preggers and exhausted he took DS on all the trails and hikes while I stayed back (for the rougher ones anyways, I did a few smaller trails). I instead hung out with my best friend from high school and her older sister who brought her month old twin boys!

It was a really fun month, but exhausting. The end of May and early June seem to be lining up for us to be just as busy. I feel like there's no time to get much done anymore, yet I still have so much to do it seems like!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Here is myself and my (little?? Not so much anymore) sister after the wedding waiting for family photos.

And this is DS, Kaden, and his cousin before the wedding. The walked my Step-mom down with bubble guns

Here's is a family photo from the anniversary party.

A pic of DH and DS climbing the fire tower in the Park.

And while they were climbing that I was in the cabin with my friends and her new nephews.

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Holy Moly those are huge! I thought I had them resized....let me work on that...

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Wow! You've really been busy - it makes me seem so lazy, lately! haha Nice pictures!

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Beautiful pictures!!!TFS!

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Great pictures, thanks for sharing. We've had alot going on here too. Busy time for everyone I'm sure. Smile

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Busy woman! I feel you, though - my spring has been the same, and the summer looks no better! Glad to have you come back and update us, though - great pictures!!

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Nice pics! Except I would be so scared to climb that LOL I am terrified of heights... but good on them!! Smile