I'm so happy for a friend

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I'm so happy for a friend

One of my Sept '10 BB mommies gave birth to baby #3 this morning! (for anyone who lurks on Birthing Naturally - it's Ariel). She was 43 weeks pregnant and got her VBA2C!!! I'm so stinking happy for her!!
Her little girl weighed in at 7lbs 1oz (such a peanut for 3 weeks overdue!)

Just so overjoyed for her and i had to share!! Biggrin

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Congrats to her! I couldn't imagine holding on for 3 extra weeks! DS was 4 days late and I was going crazy. Sounds like all went smoothly for her, hope they are enjoying that little peanut!

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Awww! Congrats to your friend! 43 weeks with baby #3... Wow!

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Congrats! It's definitely exciting when the birth goes well and the way you hope! 43 weeks, I bet she was ready!!

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I know! I can't believe her baby was so little at 3 weeks overdue. Her baby just needed more time to bake. I am so happy for her!

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I'm happy for her, too... I was totally stalking her!! LOL

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That is so awesome. Now imagine if they had wanted to induce her at 39 or 40 weeks!! that baby would not have been ready at all. I'm so happy for her.