Interviewing Pediatricians?

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Interviewing Pediatricians?

So, it's funny that I'm dealing with this since it's my 4th kids, but DH and I are interviewing peds. Our first meeting is next Monday. When my twins were first born, I had a fantastic pediatrician that we all loved. But I left that office when my ex-DH and I moved to Wisconsin. Then, when I moved back to MN, we lived in a different area of the city, so I went with the closest peds group to my house. I'm not entirely happy with them - actually, they have pretty much pissed me off a few times, so I wanted to look for a new group anyway - the baby is a good excuse to do so.

So we have meetings set up with three different providers over the next couple of weeks. I feel like it's late to be doing this, but it's for the best. Whomever we choose will get all 4 of my kids, not just the baby. So I have to find someone who is familiar with all of their conditions - newborn, epilepsy, congenital hypothyroidism, and pediatric migraines. Lovely. lol

Has anyone else gone through the peds selection process this pregnancy? How did it go?? I'm nervous about it, but not sure why...

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It's been a while since we had to. This LO will just go where DS goes. We got really lucky too. The first place we talked to we loved (almost) everyone. They were recommended from a couple of friends too, which to me helped. It's always nice to get multiple people saying they like a certain place. Ours is a group practice, but you can request a specific doctor as well. There's 6 doctors and I love them all except for 1, and he's only there 1 days a week. I just never schedule with him! My favorite is the only female in the practice, DH's is one of the guys. We tend to rotate between the two of them for well visits. While I like her better I'm sure as DS gets older eventually he may feel more comfortable with a guy, so I go to them both and he's really good with both. I've seen the others for sick visits as needed, and other than 'the one' they've all been great.

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:lurk: I am not sure what part of MN you have but we would definitely recommend out pediatrician! PM me if you want to discuss. We are in the twin cities.