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Henry Kahrs 5 lbs 4 oz 17.5 inches

Annabelle Claire 6 lbs 4 oz 19.5 inches

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They are so cute!!! Congrats!!

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Very cute! So glad they seem to be doing well.

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They are PRECIOUS! Congratulations. Will be praying for them.

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Adorable! Congratulations!

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So sweet!~ They look so strong and healthy in spite of all the equipment. Not skinny and fragile at all!
Welcome Henry and Annabelle!

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** Lurker ** Congrats!!! They are so adorable!! Smile

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They are so precious!!!! Congrats!!

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Congrats!!! they're SO adorable! I hope you get to hold them soon momma!

Hope you're doing well Biggrin

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Wow - great weights for twins coming before 35 weeks!! My twins were born at 39 weeks and were only 5lbs 15oz and 5lbs 13oz! They're beautiful! Congrats!

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They are absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats!!

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They are too cute!! Congrats again!!! Wow, I cant believe they are already here Smile

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Bump... just wondering about an update. Hope all is well!

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Oh wow, what cuties! Yes, please keep us updated!

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look at those sweet babies and such excellent sizes for that gestation. KUP on their progress. Congrats on two beautiful babies

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