it's a ..................................

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it's a ..................................


baby did not want to show off the goods. legs crossed the whole time and hands over it's parts, which leads me to think boy, because well, boys like playing with their parts :razz:

Anyway. The tech said they'd call me back for another U/S, but if they don't i'm fine with a surprise. I was up in the air with wanting to know anyway and this just strengthens my resolve that I wasn't meant to find out. I'm not going to pay for another U/S, so we may have to wait until delivery day.

Here's the cute little stubborn bugger. s/he was moving around like crazy, except for the leg crossing lol

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Awe - great picture! I'm sorry that your LO didn't show off the goods, but glad that you are okay with it!

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you have a shy one already Smile LOL about it being a boy for that reason! TFS your u/s pic, very cute!

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Aww.... that is a great picture!!

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Cute! It's a good thing you have the patience to wait! I'd be sitting by the phone waiting for the call for another ultrasound! haha

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Yay baby!! So cute!

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Cute picture! I am glad I am not the only one having a mystery baby. Granted, I chose not to find out at the ultrasound...but I think it will be super fun to find out this way when you are holding your precious baby in your arms for the first time. Smile