July !

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July !

Hey ladies ! Since I had already moved on I thought I would share with you all !

This is my post on the July board

"AF was due last month on 10/31. I had two faint positives 11/1 and 11/2. We went in on 11/3 to get a blood test. Later that afternoon I started what I assumed was AF and it was very heavy.

We went back in on 11/7 and found out that my blood test had been a 4. The doctor said I was probably having a spontaneous miscarriage and retested me. The next day they called and said that test was a 32. They thought we were still having a m/c and scheduled another draw for yesterday. "AF" which had been very heavy and painful ended 11/12.

I just called the doctor's office and they gave me some amazing news ! My level is at 1413 and we are officially pregnant ! The nurse says that my numbers have been going up great. It has been a crazy rollercoaster and DH and I are really happy and excited and overwhelmed.

The doctor wants to give our bean another week to grow and then do a u/s next Wednesday the 23rd. I cannot wait to see our miracle bean!"

I really hope that this is our sticky bean and that you all have the best luck this month ! I will still be lurking to see who is expecting August Babies ! I can't wait to see you share your BFP's !

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Good luck Megan! You have been through such a whirlwind! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping that everything continue to go well! Congratulations!

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wow how wonderful! did they say what happened? why was it showing a 4 and then you got such a heavy flow? how confusing!

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What wonderful news! I was wondering what ended up happening after all that chaos. Congrats!!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!