July has their first baby!

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July has their first baby!

Here's how fast time is flying ladies! July has their first baby!


Amanda was 35 weeks when the little man had to make his appearance. Congrats to her and her family!

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Congrats to her!

I'm not ready for baby yet! LOL! It can bake for another 10+ weeks!!!

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OMG, that's a little scary... :eek:

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Yea! Wow! Congrats to her, glad the baby is doing ok.

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Wow! I still have 11 weeks before I hit my due date; but, this makes it seem SO much closer! I'm totally not ready for this baby to arrive! haha

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How exciting, it does make it seem like its much closer - well really I guess it sort of is right around the corner... I still have a few things to do myself but at this point if these babies arrived, I think I would be comfortable with leaving a small to do list for someone to help me with since the majority of everything is done. I am ready though - so I can get comfy at night without aching hips and whatnot LOL