Kathy (HorseMomma) updates UPDATED

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Kathy (HorseMomma) updates UPDATED

They've got her hooked up to the pit and broke her water a little after 10:30 ET. She's 5cm and 0% and everyone is doing great. She's having cx but not too bad. Will update as I get 'em!!EEEEEP


I got the following text from her:

8lbs 8oz born at one eighteen hard delivery 4 me but Abram is ok

I look forward to hearing more from her soon!

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WOO HOO!! Another August baby on the way! Biggrin

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How exciting!!

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Yay, tell her congrats for me! Can't wait to hear her story and see pictures!

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Welcome Abram!

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YAY!! WTTW baby Abram! I can't wait to hear your birth story!

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WTTW Abram!!!

Can't wait for more details! Hope everyone is doing well!

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Wonderful news! Glad it all went well. Can't wait to see pics and hear your story.