Last Doctor's Appointment & finally a belly picture!

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Last Doctor's Appointment & finally a belly picture!

We had our last NST and BPP today. Everything was fine. The baby is measuring 8lbs 15oz but I don't really trust the u/s measurements too much. I think he'll be right around 8lbs.

It's kinda bittersweet to know it's our last appointment. It was pretty uneventful. I declined the cervical check because I was already feeling crampy and not having any contractions between this week and last week. I just didn't think it was necessary and seems to just irritate my cervix and make me crampy and bleed some.

Our c-section is 08/21 @ 7:30A. We will take the nook but I'm not sure if the hubby will be able to access the forums from the nook to update. Otherwise I'll post info as soon as we get out of the hospital.

Here is a belly picture that my DH accidentally captured. We were taking pictures for DS's first day of school and open house and I was mocking him asking if he wanted to take a belly picture. Seems DS decided to show off his belly too! lol. I have only gained about 12lbs - I feel like all of it is in my face!

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Baby will be here so soon!!!:0) Cute picture! Your son is adorable!