Last Ultrasound

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Last Ultrasound

Well we just had our last ultrasound of the pregnancy, how bittersweet!! I looked forward to those appointments so much, to be able to do a visual check in and see her growing and changing. But I am happy to know the next time we see her will be when she is in my arms!

I am happy to report that our little Sophia Taylor is doing wonderful! She weighs 1lb 3oz and is just shy of 9" long! Be still my heart! I can't believe she is supposed to grow another pound this month when it took her five months to gain the first! She I getting stronger every day and her kicks are getting much stronger. DH is just in heaven now that he is feeling those serious kicks.

So all is just lovely on our end!! Weeeee!!!

It's still a girl!!!

And what a cute girl!!!

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aww, I remember my last u/s with DS. It was totally bittersweet! I understand the feeling.

Since I haven't had an u/s yet, I'm still looking forward to my 30w u/s! Seeing as it will be my one and only, I'm really hoping baby cooperates to get a nice profile shot. DH loves having a picture for his wallet.

But how exciting that next time you see baby she'll be in your arms and not on an u/s screen!!! Biggrin

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Glad it went well!! i can't wait to see my LO next week for my big u/s!! Biggrin

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yay pics! Hi baby!!!