Lmp wishful thinking.

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Lmp wishful thinking.

I was thinking in the shower...shocking I know. *My IUI was done 10/27 and that's the date they used to calculate my edd which would give little man exactly 40 wks gestational. Most people they figure from last LMP so they are actually 38 wks gestational when their called 40wks total....maybe I have less time than I thought? *

Or maybe I better stop thinking about this before I drive myself crazy. I feel like my vagina is being torn into pieces this am...I really hope that's a good sign.*

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Huh - that's interesting... so really you're more like 39-4weeks!

Well, look at it this way - if you go two weeks overdue, then you'll be right on time! Oh wait, that's not what you wanted to hear, was it? LOL Wink

Orr..... wait. HAHA! I had to edit this because I was backwards... if you go to 40 weeks, you'll actually be 2 weeks overdue... well, at least baby will be good and cooked!