Lost my mucous plug...tmi

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Lost my mucous plug...tmi

For the past 2 days I have had contractions about every 15 minutes...some bad...but keep coming...today not as bad...but they were every 12, 7,8 minutes...then some off...
Having some good ones tonight.
Went to the rest room and lost my mucus plug... It was regular color...and it was HUGE! (sorry, gross)
My DD1 came out in pieces...
Lots of pelvic pain and vag. pressure...
So I am more comfortable about being induced....he is almost ready....(tues)
I don't know if I will make it...but you never know. I heard you could loose it many days/weeks before.
I'm just thinking of all the stuff I haven't gotten done!
Anyway, I was excited...lol...I had to tell someone!

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Wow! You may go into labour before the induction. Exciting that things are happening for you. Smile

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I agree, you may not make it until Tues... just take it easy this weekend! I am excited for you... the best I can say about "nearing" labor is I keep having dreams and waking up that I am in labor haha which is just my mind wishing since I am at that point of being ready! Smile Keep us posted!

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Ohhh so exciting! Keep us updated!

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Thank you ladies...it means a lot.
Just having contractions (none that are really too bad today...)
I'm getting more and more excited!!! EEK!:0)

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Ooo!!! You might not make it until Tuesday!!


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Still pregnant:0) Some contractions today...had 3 6 minutes apart...lol...but then fizzled...but I still have a LOOONGG list to get done...I'm working on it all tonight!
Thank you ALL!!! ((HUGS))

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So exciting!!! How are you doing today?

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How exciting!

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"momW" wrote:

So exciting!!! How are you doing today?

Doing great! No painful contractions...just uncomfortable...so I leave the house at 5am tomorrow...:0) Should have baby around 3ish.
I won't let them induce me until I get the 2 bags of clindamycin in...last time it took until noon:0) then they broke my water and started pit...I had Josie at 3ish.

How are YOU!!!!?!!!:0) Thank you for asking!