Maternity Clothes

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Maternity Clothes

I'm 12 weeks and I think it's finally time to buy some maternity clothes - especially, pants! I'm becoming quite uncomfortable spending 8 hour work days stuffed into my pants! It's such a relief to come home and let out my stomach! haha I did find some shirts in my closet that are too big for me normally and will be perfect while pregnant - a lot of them are longer shirts so I'm leaning towards getting a few pairs of stretchy tights, as well! Is anyone else into maternity clothes, yet?

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I'm trying to find some without buying them since this WILL be our last... ha ha! I have a belly band for my pants but I am in desperate need to shirts!

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I brought out my maternity clothes at about 12 weeks. I still had all my winter clothes maternity clothes from DS, so I didn't hesitate. I became uncomfortable and just brought them out. I'm keeping an eye out for deals on a few pairs of shorts and tshirts once the weather warms up. JCpenny's had a sale a couple weeks ago and I got 2 pairs of shorts for $5 each.

Also, keept an eye out for garage sales!! I always find great deals for dirt cheap at them!

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I caved and went shopping about a week ago and it was just awesome to be comfy again! Plus I don't splurge and buy new clothes often, so it was a nice emotional boost to be sporting some new things. I thought the panel on the pants was going to be so uncomfortable, but it really helps support my tummy and back. I'm one happy mommy-to-be!

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My comfy pants all started getting too tight a couple of weeks ago. Then I went and popped last weekend (even one of the girls I work with said that I was getting a baby belly - so it's getting obvious to the general public, I guess.) Since I was last pregnant almost 8 years ago, I didn't keep any of my maternity clothes from before.

I finally caved and went and got a couple pair of comfy maternity pants last weekend. I have plenty of shirts that will work for a while, but the pants are an issues - especially when it comes to my work slacks. Yesterday I ordered a whole mess of stuff from Motherhood Maternity - they were having a sale where their clearance stuff was buy one, get one free, so I managed to get 2 pair of dress pants, 2 pair of comfy pants, 2 pair of capris for summer, 2 work blouses, and 2 maternity tank tops, all for $115, which was a DEAL. That's 6 pair of pants and 4 shirts. I'm already plus sized before being pregnant, so finding plus size maternity is tough - you don't find as much at garage sales and secondhand stores. And they don't sell plus size maternity at most stores, so I was really excited to find so much stuff at so low of a price!

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I'm am sooooooooo soooooooo lucky to be a SAHM and be able to "work" in my cotton stretchy pants. I have not busted out the maternity wardrobe yet. I'm going to have to soon at least to get some pants to wear to church. We just moved in December and we are remodeling so our basement is packed with stuff so I have NO IDEA where my stuff is.

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I was ready to start the maternity but when I pulled out what I still had left all I could find was summer clothes. Not good for 30 degree weather. Then my husband mentioned that there might be more maternity clothes stashed up above his work area, but they are way back there so he hasn't found the time to get them yet. In the meantime I am wearing my one size bigger low rise jeans or my regular jeans with the BeBand to keep them and longer shirts and sweaters.

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Where does everyone shop for their maternity clothes? The only store I know if right now is Thyme Maternity. Where else should I be looking in Canada?

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motherhood maternity is pretty good.
I got most of my mat clothes from thrift stores. No point in spending loads of money on items I'm only gonna wear for 5 months! I didn't get into mat clothes with DS until I was 20weeks. I'm (almost) 12 weeks now and I have a bump the size of the bump I had at 16-17weeks with DS. So I'm expecting to need mat clothes in the next few weeks.

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I haven't bought any yet but I need to look soon. I thought about just trying for bigger clothes since I am plus size too. Blum 3

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I generally wear clothes that are not all that snug to start with but things are getting tight for sure - pants especially. I have a bella-band that I plan on bringing out soon (holds your pants up when you actually don't have your pants done up!).
I bought my casual maternity clothes with DS in the maternity sections of Old Navy and Ricki's. I also hit the thrift store and bought a thing super on sale from a maternity store. I bought only 2 pair of work maternity pants (Ricki's) and otherwise was able to make my normal shirts and bella-band with normal pants work.

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I'm still in my normal clothes. I'm also plus-sized and I hate shopping so I know I'm really going to hate trying to find maternity clothes. Luckily all my clothes still fits fine, even my bras! Of course I probably just jinxed it and will pop out of my clothes in a week..hahaha