Maternity Photos

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Maternity Photos

Does anyone plan on having maternity photos done before LO arrives and/or newborn photos of LO? I'd kind of like to have both; but, like everything else, it all costs $$$ that I'm not sure I want to spend! haha

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I am actually thinking of having some maternity photos done. This is going to be my last pregnancy so I'd like to have many memories. My goal is to really learn to use my Digital SLR camera so I can do photos of the baby myself.

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a friend of my SIL is a photographer and she had a contest a few weeks back giving away a free session, and I won!!! So I'm gonna get family/mat photos done in July! I'm so excited!!

I had them done with DS, my BIL did them for me! I cherish them! He did a wonderful job.

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I def do... I never had maternity photos done but it is expensive.... the photographers that specialize it in (around here) have packages usually starting in the $300 dollar range and let me tell you those packages dont get you much. I have been getting my kids pictures taken at picture people the past 5 years - every where we move there is one, local malls, etc and I love them so thats where I am going!

Also, want to do a 3D/4D package soon too as they recommend it sooner for twin pregnancies. My plan is probably towards the end of next month to get them both done so I can mail them off to DH (who most of you know is deployed) and hope that it gets there in time for Fathers Day! Wink

While I am only 20 weeks, as of the end of last week my Doctor has me measuring at 23 weeks so I think another month and that will be perfect timing, I hope.

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I've asked my BFF to take a few shots, she has a real eye so I'm excited. I had my friend do them with DS1 and she did a beautiful job. sadly I didn't get any with DS2 Sad