Melissa had her baby!

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Melissa had her baby!

Melissa (Sweet Pea) went to L&D about 11:30am with contractions every 3 mins for over a minute each. She'd been awake from them since 3am!

Joseph Andrew was born at 5:07pm! I'll update if I get any stats.

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Congrats Melissa! WTTW Joseph! Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing the story.

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Congratulations! Welcome Joseph!

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Yay Melissa!!! WTTW Joseph! Can't wait to hear her birth story!!

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:0) So exciting!

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I bet Daddy in particular is over the moon!

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Congrats Melissa and WTTW Joesph. Can't wait for pictures and story!

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How exciting!! Congrats Melissa and WTTW little Joseph!!!

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Yay I'm loving all these babies coming to the world :oD Congrats mama, I can't wait to see pics

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear details!!!