Midwife/OB appointments, who goes with you?

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Midwife/OB appointments, who goes with you?

With my son's pregnancy I usually went with DH, but I did have my Mom, MIL, SIL and my BIL (my sister's husband) attend with me to various appointments.

This pregnancy I've attended the majority of them alone. It's easier that way- then DH can stay home with DS. DH has attended 2 appointments, I had my BFF attend one (she LOVED hearing the heartbeat) and now my FIL has shown an interest in attending. I talked to my midwife last appointment about my FIL wanting to attend. I wanted to make sure we wouldn't be talking about anything too icky hahaha. I had no idea he'd want to attend an appointment with me so I never invited him before, but he mentioned it at the beginning of this pregnancy how he'd like to attend (if I'm comfortable with that). He'll be coming with me tomorrow and he's soooooo excited!! haha Biggrin

Do you attend all your appointments alone? Do you invite others to go with you?

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I've attended one appointment alone (the one that included my GD test), and DH has gone with me for every other appointment. I'm thinking that maybe one of these summer appointments I may bring my girls with me so they can hear the HB...

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With DS1 DH went to all of them with me. This time it's just been me and DS1. He loves going to hear the heartbeat and stuff. My sister went one time cause she was in town visiting....it happened to be for one with an ultrasound...Now she's changed her major and studying to be an ultrasound tech! Haha

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The very first appointment this time around, DH and the three kids came along so we could all hear the heartbeat. I have gone to some alone, and 1 with DS. Its mostly alone though as I usually schedule on DH's day off so he can watch the kids. But DS loves to come with and he is older, so I am fine to bring him with if he wants. He loves hearing the heartbeat and is very good for me when the younger two aren't there to play around and egg him on to be wild.

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I always go alone, hubby works and DD is at the sitter....DH only attended the gender ultrasound.

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DH has not been to any of my appts. I leave him at home with the kids, much easier that way. He did go to the u/s appt but that's it. It's about a 40 minute drive to my dr and I never know how long the wait is going to be, it's actually a time I cherish, my alone time so I truthfully don't want anyone going with me Smile

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We try to get everyone to go, but DH has been called out of town for work a couple times, and DSS hasn't been with us when the appointments were scheduled. Last time, everyone was supposed to be there, but DSS was the only one who made it with me - but then he was super excited to hear the heartbeat and play "Doctor" by using the horn and the doppler! The midwife even had him feel my tummy where she could feel the head and showed him how what the head felt like! He was really happy and excited.