MS? Really?!?!- Updated

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MS? Really?!?!- Updated

OK, so I am 3 days aware from 12 weeks. I have never had MS with my first baby or so far this time. This morning, I freaking threw up! I am hoping it is not a stomach bug... and of course, I don't not have any crackers....

I just want to feel sorry for myself this morning... sorry to those who have it all of the time.

Update: well, I think it was just a brief thing. I only threw up a couple of times in the morning and felt fine the rest of the day. No problems today though!! YAY!!!

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I posted about this EXACT situation a few days ago! I've only had nausea and on the weekend I actually threw up! I'm thinking I had a rush of hormones because of other symptoms that intensified, as well... If that's possible!

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My MS didn't go away to close to 14 weeks. Hopefully you won't feel sick for too long.

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Hope you both feel better!

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Awe thats horrible, i hope you feel better!

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How are you feeling today?